Once again that dreaded Sunday for most people has come and gone. The one day that robs you of an hour of sleep once a year. That's right, we have officially sprung forward. If you are feeling a little sluggish this week you are not alone. According to the Better Sleep Council, 60 percent will feel the effect of the time change. Like jet lag, 40% will need need a week or longer to recover. Even if you are one of the 40 percent still trying to adjust to the time change, take a look at the positive side of Spring Forward. Its also the time of year that signifies change is near. Warmer weather, baseball and outdoor activities are right around the corner. Timing is important, and a small change can throw things off. Take instrument reprocessing as an example. Pre-cleaning, soaking, cleaning and disinfecting can all be affected by timing. Be sure to read individual instrument and detergent IFU's to ensure they are being cleaned for the correct amount of time and appropriate cycle.


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