During this summer heat there are many people that work outside as well as those in a healthcare setting that need to keep cool. I was reminded about this at my son's baseball game the other day. These are 9 year old boys playing the game they love in 92 degree heat. One little boy came out of the game and laid down on the grass in the shade. He was so overheated and felt weak. We didn't have much with us except the water and Gatorade we brought to stay hydrated. We took napkins and kept placing the water on his head for him. After an inning he felt better and went back in. As I sat at home that night I was thinking about all the PPE accessory products that Healthmark sells to help those in the medical field keep cool. I immediately spoke to a sales rep and told them of my situation. We decided that the Cool Aid neck band would be the perfect solution for my son and his teammates. I was able to get one for each player to use to prevent heat exhaustion while playing in the summer heat. Thank you so much to my Healthmark family for helping us beat the heat! Now, let's play ball...


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