Tax Time : I'm one of those people who files his taxes the last minute. I thought I was going to be more organized this year by keeping all of my statements from last year in one box. That way I would have everything together when preparing my taxes. I wasn't as successful as expected. As I was going through my paperwork I found myself digging through multiple folders and stacks of papers trying to find the appropriate statements. I'm sure I spent more time looking for the paperwork than actually preparing my taxes. I remember thinking to myself, this would have gone much more smoothly if I had labeled everything. If labeling items could have made me more efficient in my household imagine what it does in healthcare facilities. There are a wide range of label products ideal for bar codes and tracking systems. Whether the staff needs to be alerted about maintenance needs or communicating between OR and CS, these labels help minimize misunderstandings about tray contents. It's especially important in the CS department to use PP-based labels that are suitable for sterilization by steam, and gas-plasma. Their durability will withstand washings and disinfection.


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