The Canvas : If you are like me, not a day goes by that you don't get a phone call, an email (like this) or a mailing about an issue that is important to the person who has contacted you. Well, this is one of those moments. I am going to use the power of the Internet to help a very special person reach a goal and maybe surpass it. That person is Michele DeMeo, as many of you know already Michele has written a book called "The Beauty of a Slow Death". Along with the book she is doing a special art project, a painting. She is very close to her goal to complete her painting project and I'm asking each person who reads this update to at least take the time and read about the project and help Michele reach her goal. Here is the information on the project: The Canvas "We all are on our own journey, and Michele has taken the time to share with us her journey. The honesty she has shared about her journey and her transformation is inspirational." Thank you for taking the time to read about her journey.


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