They say a smile is free therapy, and if someone can bring a smile to another's face, that is a good thing! When I first heard that we must practice Social Distancing, I had visions of ladies in 16th century hoop skirts as the new norm for us to wear in public. It seemed perfect; the hoop skirt can be two to four feet in diameter, and that would give good spacing between people. It makes perfect sense. I posted a few pictures of people in hoop skirts on LinkedIn and suggested we start wearing them to bring smiles to the people who read my post. Within seconds, my friend Hank Balch made a suggestion: he would pay to see me in a hoop skirt. I gave Hank a call, we talked, and now we have what we are calling The Hoop Skirt Challenge. I now needed to find a hoop skirt, so I quickly called my friend Delores Basile. She put me in touch with the Grosse Pointe Theatre Group who had one I could put on and take a picture in. Thank you, Delores. So, my friend Hank Balch of Beyond Clean started a challenge I want to share with everybody: A few days ago, Stephen M Kovach began encouraging his network to employ to save lives and of COVID-19 by (humorously) posting about the potential value of hoop skirts to help us keep our distance. I (Hank) am calling him (Stephen Kovach) out in good fun and have set up a serious fundraiser challenge to provide relief for those impacted by the growing pandemic. Our goal is $1,000 to see Kovach in a hoop skirt! Will you join me in raising awareness for and provide a small contribution to those who are being impacted by the virus? 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, to support preparedness, containment, response and recovery activities for those affected and for the responders. So please donate! Hank has my picture and will post it once we hit our target dollar amount. Just click on the link below to donate. Thank you and as I always say, “Keep It Clean.”


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