We admit it. It's true what some have said. The TOSITM is biased. The TOSITM is dried blood soil on a stainless steel coupon. It is just like dried blood on a stainless steel surgical instrument. We mount the plate in a plastic holder with a graduated gap. This is just like the areas on a surgical instrument which are blocked from direct spray action, such as the box locks. So you see, the TOSITM is biased. It is biased toward products and methods that are effective at cleaning blood off of stainless steel instruments. This includes alkaline and enzyme detergents; high and low flow washers; high and low impingement washers; and washers made in North America, Europe, and Asia. If your washer is not getting the TOSITM clean, it is not the washer or detergent type, but something in the setup or operation. And the TOSITM can help you identify and diagnose the source of the problem. To learn more, visit www.hmark.com/tosi.php. So the next time someone tells you the TOSITM is not meant for their product, ask them, "Is your product not meant to clean blood from stainless steel surgical instruments?"


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