Things can get scary in the basement of the hospital, where most CS employees reside. Bloody Instruments! And soiled equipment! You may not even see them; the stains they always hide. They're in the smallest places; in cracks, in slits, and tiny spaces. It's important to protect yourself! Your hands, and feet, and faces! PPEs can help you do so. Help you stay covered, head to toe. Not even just for your sake, it keeps the patients safe you know. Gowns, shoe covers, bouffant, and gloves. There are endless ways to give HAIs a shove. While working in the Decontam, cover yourself...before you get slammed! Even when working with the sterilizer, staying protected has never been wiser. Wear a glove to insulate your hands before you pull out those "hot pans". Whether you're handling scalpels, trays or scopes, this is absolutely no joke! Always wear a gown. Or else you or a patient may wind up with a frown.


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