Thinking Spring : I know winter hasn't quite left us yet and that for most of us spring can't get here soon enough. I'm convinced that I have used my snow blower more this year than I will need to in the next five winters combined... I guess only time will tell. I can't help to think about spring now that we have had "Spring Forward" and I'm reminded of everything that I will need to do around my house. One of the many things on my list is to go through all boxes of misc. items I stored in the garage when I moved in late last year. I admit it, I not the most organized mover. I should have had everything labeled where they needed to go in order to make my move as efficient as possible. What I needed when I moved was a label gun with that I could have quickly and efficiently label all my items to stay organized. Organization is a key component in healthcare. Hand-held Labeling Systems are used in the Central Sterile Department for the labeling of any items that need to be autoclaved. Whether its sterile linen packs, instrument trays, or peel pouches, they provide great versatility. They are also great for labeling in other hospital departments such as dietary and pharmacy.


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