Have you ever wondered where the term “knowing the ropes” comes from and how it might pertain to our business of medical device reprocessing? On a sailing ship there are miles and miles of cordage (rope) in the rigging of a ship. The only way of keeping track and knowing the function of all of these lines was to know where they were located. It took an experienced seaman “to know the ropes”. Within our medical devices reprocessing department we have hundreds if not thousands of medical devices that have “Instructions for Use” (IFUs); these are our ropes. Within the IFU, we will find the need-to-know information to reprocess the medical devices properly. One such piece of information (rope) is understanding water and the role it plays in medical device reprocessing. This week, Healthmark along with Becker’s Healthcare is “tossing a rope” of information concerning water quality to all the healthcare professionals who deal with any aspect of medical device reprocessing. Regardless if you are an expert or a novice, this webinar will be a great review of the fundamentals of water quality. You will have the ability to receive 1 CE from CBSPD, IAHCSMM, Nursing and ACI/AAMI. So, if you have not signed up yet, take the time to register at the link below and join us as we tie up our rope to the ship of knowledge on water quality this week. As always - Keep it Clean.


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