This past Sunday, I attended the Detroit Lions game versus the Atlanta Falcons. It was a particularly good game, but with a disappointing ending. The Lions lost by a controversial overturned touchdown call that ended the game, but nevertheless I had a good time. There is something about the atmosphere of attending a game that provides the fans with a much different experience than watching it on TV. The crowd seems louder and you realize how big some of the football players really are standing next to normal size trainers and coaches on the sideline. In particular, the offensive line stands out; they are generally the largest players on the field. In football, the offensive line protects the quarterback. In order to do so, they need to be bigger and, more importantly, stronger than the people they are defending. Keeping the quarterback from being hit is essential to the success of their team. When it comes to sterile packaging, tough protection is needed to help ensure the packaging is safe and undamaged. That is why Gorilla BagsTM make a great teammate. They are made from spun polypropylene that has a high tensile strength and are used as an outer protective layer over the standard hospital barrier packaging. The physical properties of the material offer increased resistance to tearing and splitting during transportation and storage. Due to the Gorilla BagsTM high permeability, they are applied before sterilization as it does not impede the sterilant.


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