From the time I was a little tyke, I have always marvelled at the technology, teamwork and accomplishments of NASA and its related partners. Obviously, the most tremendous accomplishment was landing men on the Moon and getting them back safely. The rovers riding around Mars taking photos and video and beaming them back to Earth for human exploration and discovery are just amazing to me. Like all human endeavors involving risk, things can go wrong. Last week, an astronaut making a space walk around the International Space Station had the frightening experience of a space suit that began leaking water into his suit during his walk. Fortunately for him, he was able to get back safely into the space station. This harrowing experience reminds us that often water and technology do not mix. Healthmark recently introduced a new product, the Ultra Microdenier Wipes. The really fantastic feature of these wipes is that they can clean, and even achieve a measure of disinfection (demonstrated 98% removal of bacteria contamination) when used dry to clean surfaces! The incredibly tight weave along with the ultra soft material makes for an extremely effective tool for cleaning surfaces that are susceptible to damage from liquid cleaners and disinfectants. This is ideal for many surfaces in the modern healthcare setting, including computer keyboards, mice, monitors and other electronics. If you would like to know more about these wipes, check out the links below.


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