Superbugs have been the “Hottest Topic” during the past few weeks. The stories about research are fascinating to read and it's interesting to see how people are looking at every option to find solutions to fight all types of “superbugs”. Topics include how they are spread, how to prevent them, finding a vaccine and informing people what to do. We have read stories posted about how to wear masks, research on how our urine might help find answers and how animals are assisting in finding superbugs. Yes, animals! Specifically, dogs are being used in finding superbugs. The public is becoming more aware of germs, not only in medical facilities but everywhere. In my opinion, what really gets lost is continuing to do the simple things that we know work to prevent the spread of infection at work, home or really any place. Here are a few reminders: • Wash your hands • Use a hand sanitizer (carry one with you) • If cleaning something, follow the IFU • Cover your mouth when coughing (use your elbow to cough into) • Clean high touch areas in your house (door handles, etc.) • High-touch surfaces that aren’t cleaned frequently can transfer pathogens to others • Have the proper cleaning and disinfection tools at work and at home • Remind sick employees to stay home • Get your flu shots • Know the tools to use and have the right ones on hand • Understand contact time for the disinfectant All of us at Healthmark want you to know we have some great products that might help protect you in your work environment. Please also remember that, when you leave work, you still need to practice good basic infection control practices because you are needed to help take care of your patients when you return. Good Luck & Keep it Clean!


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