Today's article is authored by Hanna-Kaisa Kyyrönen. Hanna is our key contact at Wipak Medical, the manufacturer of Steriking® brand packaging. Hanna recently spent time travelling with some of our sales agents in the United States. I asked Hanna if she would be willing to share her experience with the readers of Healthmarket Digest. As you can see from the photo, Hanna got to do more than just work while in the U.S. Here she is at the Healthmark cocktail reception at IAHCSMM, partying with the Clean Brothers. There are great hospitals in the metropolitan Boston area, including New England Baptitst, Beth Israel, and Mass General. I'm sure everybody has heard of the achievements and the many first time ever operations that have taken place in these advanced medical centers. I just read about the facial transplant surgery, from a Finnish newspaper, which took place in Boston. I happen to know it was the Brigham and Woman's Hospital since I had a chance to visit the hospital, among others, in Boston this April. I especially toured their CPDs with our distributor Healthmark. I was impressed by the devoted, hard working staff going through their routines. They really push their performance to a consistent level, bringing their facilities in compliance with AAMI and AORN Guidelines. I found the same true at New England Baptitst, Beth Israel, and Mass General. During my visit to Boston I witnessed another type of persistence in human behavior. It was the Boston Marathon which my husband also took part in. Another type of accomplishment there! We set targets for ourselves and for one another. At work we have collective targets which should define the actions taken each and every day in order to reach them. It is up to us to which level we are willing to push ourselves. By making proper choices, like investing in materials/supplies with performance we can actually rely on, we take another step closer to where we want to be. Wipak is commited to work on high quality sterilization packaging solutions. I am proud to say I work for the company because "We care that you pack safely!"


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