During the Spring, we have to be careful and plan what we wear in Michigan, as the weather can drastically change from day to day. For instance, just last week it was warm and sunny. I was outside mowing the lawn and even went for a bike ride. This past weekend we nearly had snow flurries. I'm glad I didn't put my sweaters away, because I still might need them for the next few weeks. In order to be sure I don't get caught off guard, I tend to pay more attention to the forecast during early-mid spring. Since we can easily get a significant temperature swing from one day to the next, it's important in order to stay comfortable. When working within a healthcare environment, it's important to stay comfortable inside as well. Are you cold in the OR? Hot in the SPD? Products on StyleYourPPE.com include everything you need to stay comfortable, such as compression socks, Cool Aids, heat vests, arm sleeves, back braces, scrub hats and more!


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