In a past issue I talked about technology in the healthcare workplace and how the Internet has made information more accessible to many departments. I thought about this again recently when I was out running errands this past weekend and I found myself constantly using my smartphone. The great thing is that because of Wifi, I can go grocery shopping and check my e-mail. Or go to the gym and set my DVR for a show/movie I forgot that I wanted to record. I really believe I use my phone for everything except for talking on it. Its amazing that most phone communication has been replaced by texting. I have an older sister, who lives in Raleigh, NC that enjoys sending me texts about how nice the weather is, coincidentally it's always when its snowing here. She can easily monitor the weather of different locations around the world because of the Internet and Wifi. Without these technological advances, she would not have been able to access this information so easily. There are new wireless temperature monitoring products that have been developed because of Wifi technology specifically for Healthcare Facilities. These products can monitor the temperature of reprocessing baths; and others can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity of critical environments such as decontam, sterile storage, procedure rooms and others. The Temp Wifi monitors transmit that data directly to your PC via a WiFi network, so you can capture this real time data and record for further analysis and reporting.


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