I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and that you had weather as nice as we did here in Fraser, Michigan. A lot of food, family and Easter eggs. This year, the kids' Easter Egg hunt was easier due to all of them having to find each color-coded egg for their baskets. It led to less fighting and ensured all the kids received the same number of eggs. It was also more organized; we knew that all of the eggs were accounted for at the end of the festivities. I'm not completely sure how to feel about this new system. A part of me remembers the competition aspect that made every Easter an epic battle between my cousins, sister and myself that seemed thrilling. Now, the adult in me says, this is great; none of the kids are fighting this year for the highest number of blue eggs. I'm sure my parents wish they would have used color-coded eggs. Using color coding and labels helps keep instrument sets and equipment from being lost. They are useful for keeping track of multi-layer loaner sets. They are also ideal for bar code labels and tracking systems. If you are attending the AORN Conference this year, be sure to stop by and see us at booth #1219!


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