I remember (vaguely) when I turned Forty. It didn't bother me. Much. The only birthday I can remember being a bit down about was when I turned 35. Not sure why. Just seemed like it was the halfway point. None of us ever knows, of course, at the time, that the halfway point is the halfway point. So it was silly to be a bit down. Reaching forty years is a time for celebration and remembrance. It is a time to be glad for your blessings and redouble your resolve to make the next 40 years even better. And that is exactly what happened last week in Muskegon, Michigan. The Michigan Society of Healthcare Central Service Personal (MSHCSP) celebrated its 40th year of existence. President David Wise and the MSHCSP Board organized and put on a first class educational conference near the shores of Lake Michigan. Speakers from industry (including Stryker, Aesculap (B. Braun & Co.), Healthmark) and sterile processing professionals (Penny Sabrosky, Natalie Lind, Donna Swenson) spoke on a range of topics important to our industry. Between all the serious matters, attendees also got a chance to have fun and socialize each evening. For Healthmark, something very special happened. The MSHCSP presented to our company an award for 40 years of support of the MSHCSP. It was a great honor to receive that on behalf of Healthmark (and I can tell you a bit of a shock, because those in the know shared ahead of time, NOTHING!). We at Healthmark are humbled to receive such an award. It is an honor and a privilege to support the MSHCSP, one of the shining lights and leading Sterile Processing Professional organizations in all the land. So, it does not seem that we should be getting an award for that privilege. But we much appreciate it! We do our best to serve the Industry nationally and globally. But Michigan is our home and members of the MSHCSP are our neighbors and our friends of very long standing. Without them, Healthmark would not be here today. So it is a special honor that we cherish! Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's Forty! The MSHCSP! And here's to another 40 years of success, and more!


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