Many people dream of their wedding day, but once the wedding planning starts, the chaos starts. Planning a wedding can be very difficult for the bride and groom. To add to the chaos, you may decide you want a destination wedding across the country like my fiancé and I have chosen. The extra travel requires taking additional steps of preparation to ensure a smooth wedding. One of the most stressful parts about a destination wedding is the transportation of the wedding dress. The best way to ensure that the dress will be safe once it is on the plane is buying a garment bag that will fully cover the dress. This will protect the dress from getting dirty or dusty during the flight. While I would imagine no one is likely bringing their wedding dress to the CPD department, I know that just like using a garment bag for a wedding dress, using protective plastic bags to protect items from environmental contamination such as moisture, dust and lint, becomes very important in the CPD department. Healthmark has a product called Sterility Assurance Dust Covers that provides such protection . Sterility Assurance Dust Covers can be used to protect and extend the shelf life of properly packaged and sterilized items that could be subjected to environmental challenges or multiple handling. The dust covers that are available in many sizes are designed to be strong and only tear when and where you want them to which provides great protection against the outside elements. While traveling, my wedding dress will be protected, and just like many of the items in CPD, I will find something similar to a dust cover to protect my dress from the elements while in storage.


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